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We provide the expertise to select, install and maintain robust, reliable, and reasonable solutions to ensure small business’ computing infrastructure and software are online and ready to receive data. In other words, we keep your communication required to achieve day-to-day goals (ie. receiving orders, placing service calls, querying shipment status and processing invoices) flowing smoothly. Whether those communications happen via e-mail, website, or other computer-to-computer automation, we’ve got you covered.

Every business owner deserves a partner who cares as deeply as they do.

Joe Rybacek – President

For clients in and around McHenry county Illinois, we provide manage services for your physical infrastructure components like PCs, servers, network components, and the software that runs on that hardware.

  • Managed support agreements
    • Fixed fee with monthly or annual terms lengths
    • Keep systems secure, patched, and backed up protecting you from unsavory characters and computer vulnerabilities
  • Infrastructure design
    • Component selection
    • Maximizing your infrastructure dollars
  • Troubleshooting
    • PC or application errors
    • Server problems
    • Cloud irregularities
    • Intermittent or hard to diagnose problems…we love a challenge!
  • Emergency call support

For clients who leverage Adobe ColdFusion application server or Paperthin CommonSpot content manager we provide expertise in maintaining those servers, enhancing applications, or migrating to a new ecosystem.

  • Securing websites and applications
    • Scanning web servers
    • Creating a patching strategy
    • Scripting common patches for automation
  • Enhancing existing applications
    • Improving the architect
    • Adding RESTful APIs
  • Migration strategies to other platforms
    • Comparing ColdFusion, PHP, .NET Framework, and .NET Core development platforms
    • Considering content management platforms like CommonSpot, Kentico, and WordPress
    • Understanding Apache, Internet Information Server (IIS), and Nginx
    • Cloud considerations Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure